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Video Security Systems:

¬∑ Video Monitoring /observation /Security Systems


o Video Security Cameras
o Colour and B/W
o Crystal clear picture.

o Al weathers, wireless, Super high quality, high zoom etc.

o Multi camera switching, auto, manual, quad


o Multiplexes ,Digital Video Recorders (DVR), 960 hours VCRs (Time Lapse) Recording

o View cameras on Computer



Solar Power:

    • Solar Power panels
      • Amorphous and Crystalline
      • Charge controllers
      • Energy savor lamps , works on 12V DC

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Advanced Video Security Systems:

¬∑ Advanced Video Security Systems


o Night vision Systems (in complete darkness)

o Remote observation systems

o ***Through internet

o ****Through phone line (PSTN)

o Very high quality Cameras ( 600 TV lines)

o Event recording system (who did what in your absence)
o Computerized event recording system (who did what in your absence)
o Watch your Factory, Office, Shop, Godown, Home etc live from anywhere in the world through

Internet, Phone line.
o Intruder alert on your phone
o Intruder Auto Photo Taking, Alarming, Video Recording, E-mailing Photos, FTP instantly.
o Time Lapse VCR, 1280 hours recording on VHS



Theft Control Systems:



¬∑ Theft Control Systems
††††††††††††††††††† Click Here for Details††††††††††††††††††




o Anti Shoplifting, Library Books Security, Electronic Article Surveillance, Jewelry Security







Bullet Proofing:

  • Bullet proof glass
    • Different Caliber Bullet Resistance
    • One sided and Two sided
  • Jackets
  • Helmets
  • Vehicle bullet proofing
  • Glass Scatter films

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Mobile Jammers:

Digital QURAAN:

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†††††††††††† PTZ Camera
 : Solar Power
 : Theft Control Systems
 : Bullet Proofing
 : Mobile Jammers
 : Electrical
 : Digital QURAAN
: WalkThrough Gate
: Money Detectors
: Highest quality Camera
: Intraoral Camera
: Digital X-ray system
: Sirona Dental†
†††††††††† Units††Pakistan


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